Made with MAGIX © M M 2012 Home BB The Temple Bar TradFest is honoured to host an evening concert which celebrates  the unique contribution made by Barney McKenna to Irish Traditional Music. Remembering Barney McKenna Temple Bar Tradfest 2013 This special concert will feature a unique gathering of acclaimed national and internationally acclaimed artists to celebrate Barney. We expect to welcome visitors from all across the world Dublin during the 2013 TradFest to join us in commemorating a unique and gifted Dubliner. * Click on the pictures * For the Tickets & Info Barney celebrated with the Dubliners their 50th anniversary with a series of concerts  in Christ Church Cathedral in January 2012 as part of the TradFest 2012. Remembering Barney McKenna was Sold Out. The Dubliners are celebrating their fifty-year career and remembering especially their brilliant banjoist and great story-teller Barney McKenna. Remembering Barney McKenna     at TRAD FEST 2013 * ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************* ******************************************************************** Due to a lack of real traditional festivals in the capital Donnycarney proudly presents First DONNYCARNEY TRADITIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL a four day music festival in the Dublin 5 area for the 13th to the 16th of June. The main event will be a Friends of Banjo Barney from Donnycarney on the Saturday Night. Enter for more about DONNYCARNEY TRADITIONAL FESTIVAL