Made with MAGIX © M M 2012 Home I built this memorial website to pay tribute to a special friend and beloved person who I will miss for rest of my life. In March this year, when Dubliners played at The Royal Albert hall, Barney recounted me the historical story of Queen Victoria & Albert. He told me also, that she gave the Royal Albert Hall the name as a dedication to Prince Albert. I am not a Queen, and do not have the money to build a Hall of Arts for him, so I built a virtual building full of memories as a tribute to a great character, gifted musician and a outstanding man. I want this site to be a vibrant place where his fans and friends can come together to continue to share memories. If you share some pictures or stories, I will put your name to it (accept you want to remain incognito) & the copyrights are still yours. Lot of the pictures on this page are made by me or my friends, some of them I did get presented personally from Barney. But I do not have copyrights for all the pictures on this website, so if you find some picture, or any another copyrighted material, that should not be here, please inform me and I shall promptly remove it. Please, note that I did not make this page for any commercial use, but just as a tribute to Barney, to keep his legacy alive. Please do not to copy anything off of my site without first consulting me. Any comments, suggestions, as well as corrections are every time welcome. Hope that you all enjoy. Barney's Memorial Website will remain online  permanently. Yours Miriam Contact: WebPage In Progress !!!!!