Made with MAGIX © M M 2012 Picture by Manfred Trummer Picture by Miriam Hessik Picture by Miriam Hessik Picture by Miriam Hessik Picture by Miriam Hessik The Dubliners boys & a spectacular view over the city of Vienna. September 2011 Barney & the Boys. The last formation of The Dubliners before he passed away. From left: Patsy Watchorn Sean Cannon John Sheahan Eamonn Campbell Banjo Barney McKenna Picture by Renata Baraldi Picture by Peadar O'Tairne Picture by Peadar O'Tairne Not just bandmates but also friends. They knew each other for 55 years. The “Auld Group” Almost 50 years together on the stage. Sometimes acting like an old married couple with their playful conversation. On the Galileo Galilei stage in Madrid, Spain 2009 Floating together on the wawes of the music. Ceol agus craic. Fun & music. Famous Irish solo for two. It’s an Irish solo, so there’s two of us are going to play it. We are going to play an Irish tune called maid behind the bar. I know that Eamonn is very found of the bar. Eamonn loves the maid behind the bar and he loves the maid on the front of the bar as well. If he had a chance, he will have a maid under the bar and of the top of the bar too. He calls them all “wunderBAR” (German word for wonderful) Sean & Barney singing together in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is very unusual Irish solo for The Dubliners, of course once again performed by two of the boys. The rest of the groupdid the soundcheck very quick on this day. But Barney & Patsy were just fancy to play & at the end it turned to a beautiful little session. At Vicar Street in Dublin. A little night music with Barney & Sean. Eamonn looking alert because Barney would start to play & stopped again, without warning. Well, with Mister McKenna, nobody knew what was going to happen the next moment. Sometimes not even him self would know. :-) Concert at Royal Albert Hall 2012 Picture by Miriam Hessik Picture by Miriam Hessik A little sound check duet. Patsy Watchorn & Barney McKenna Temple bar festival TradFest Dublin 2008 Picture by Paedar O'Tairne Barney McKenna & Seann Cannon on the Metropol stage Vienna, Austria