Made with MAGIX © M M 2012 Home BB Barney’s proud: His trawler ♣ BERNI ♣. Barney down in the harbour of Howth. Happy on the banks of Liffey. Barney’s trawlers in the harbour: Berni & Daragh Liam Skipper in his working clothes. Barney is standing on the front of his house in Howth. Viking longboat on the Liffey in Dublin. Is a Viking ship coming to Dublin? Hurry to the banks of the Liffey! Skipper! He wouldn’t miss it for the world. A cup of tea & sandwich just tastes fantastic on a fisher boat. Barney looks as if he got a idea. Sometimes, this could be an awfully great adventure. A fisherman who plays banjo, or a banjo player who fishes? River Liffey, Viking boat & some friends. Barney in excellent mood with his new  skipper’s cap on. Making way for the cattle. Barney’s alternate use for a fishing net. Fisherman McKenna & his trawler  Daragh Liam. He just coudn’t resist to touch the anchor on the coast. Coruna, Galicia (Spain) Coming down to his fisher boat ♣ BERNI ♣ At the fisherport in Howth.